Thursday, January 08, 2009

Election 2012: Looking Ahead

Only bringing this up because this guy caught my attention earlier on: Mark Sanford is a past congresscritter and current Governor of South Carolina. He seems to be one of the few, if not the only, governor that isn't asking for a federal bailout.

He's looking at running for President of the U.S. next time around and seems to be the Republican's best bet, so far, as I see it. I know next to nothing about him although Wikipedia has some info on him. This site tells a bit about his past legislative record but still leaves some questions unanswered for me.

About the only bad side to him, so far, is he ended up being a McCain supporter this last time around, although he joined that show late in the game. I suppose I can't hold that against him since it's one of those partisan things. We'll keep an eye open and see how he's looking after a few years.

Who will the Libertarian candidate for President be in 2012? At this point, who cares?


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