Thursday, October 29, 2009

California: Whose Fault?

The North Coast Journal's cover story this weekend is a guest commentary first published in the Bay Area Guardian. Taking my first look at the Journal's web page, I might have been appalled as I was when they ran the Obama fluff piece by Tom Hayden as their cover story back during the last presidential race. No opposing opinion was published back then. Shameless, I wrote (Aug 28,2008) at the time.

But I'd seen the actual hard copy of The Journal yesterday in a news rack and noticed they did provide an opposing view by local writer Ron Ross so I can't complain about that.

No surprise in what the two Bay Area writers think the problem is with California: We don't have high enough taxes. Not sure Ross could have said much more than he could of in response, but he does raise the point the Left won't consider: For whatever reason, businesses have left and are leaving California and not because we don't tax enough.

Amazing to me that so many lefties don't realize that it's the money from the private sector that funds the government they're so fond of and those businesses aren't likely to stick around if you keep beating them over the head over one thing or another.

As an aside, here's a nice piece The Journal ran some years ago about Prop 13 that shows what some local people would be paying in property taxes if Prop 13 hadn't passed.


At 2:25 PM, Blogger mresquan said...

Who's fault?
Well it's those who don't realize that the state is simply too large to govern regardless of how much and how well taxes are used for improvements.Some areas are taxed higher and receive a better return than other regions paying the same rates.Some areas pay lower rates and receive a better return than others paying that same rate.These situations are just too intermingled and the bureaucrats who run the state may fight to the bitter end to protect this scenario,as it enables those from all sides to point fingers at each other,much like you see in these two pieces.
We need to split the state in half,plain and simple.


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