Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Tax On Meat

This guy proposes a 50% tax on the retail price of meat. He knows what's best for you.



At 1:24 PM, Anonymous Mr. Nice said...

I'm confused.

Meat production is subsidized by the government. It goes as far as state government providing water for ranching activities. Some people set up otherwise unprofitable ranches just to cash in on the government perks.

So, the idea is to tax something that we already pay for in taxes? Isn't that like taxing taxes?

Would they tax grass-fed beef? From what I've seen, free range ranching is one of the last things keeping open space open. If there were no cows walking around, pasture land would be chopped up and fenced in.

I would be okay with cutting federal aid to factory farming and feed lot activity. I don't really care if the natural price of those goods goes up as they are nonessential. But to tax a product and then turn around and hand the taxes to the producers... am I missing something?

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At 6:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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