Wednesday, September 29, 2010

California's Fattest Counties

Make what you will of it. Here's a list of California's counties that supposedly shows, in descending order, the counties with the most obese people. Humboldt ranks 18th with 22% of its residents obese.

I'm not sure what their definition of obese is, but I feel safe in saying there's considerably more than 22% of the people up here that are overweight.

The writer tries to tie obesity to a blue vs. red county thing. I don't know that you can get anywhere with that. Seems to me this has more to do with wealthy counties vs. poorer counties. The five least obese counties are all fairly well to do, as far as personal incomes go.



At 9:33 PM, Anonymous Mr. Nice said...

California has one of the lower rates of adult obesity in the nation. California is 21% and the US average is 30%.

I looked at some census stats and the only pattern I can see is population density decreases obesity rates. San Francisco County has the same high school graduation rate as Lake but 200 times the population density and less than half the obesity.

I was going to say it is where all the fine women are have less obesity but Nevada County has Grass Valley and girls are not that good looking there no offense to anyone from there. Santa Cruz, Marin, Sonoma, Orange, San Fran all fall into the fine lady explanation though. Once you have hot girls it is like all the men have to compete for them and all the other women at least halfway try to look good so you got less obesity. When you got mostly haggard-looking women like Merced County, nobody is even trying to stay fit.

At 1:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, that's just about the silliest theory I've seen yet. People here in SF and where I went to school, in Santa Cruz, are not obese because they are wealthy, the town has sidewalks, encourages biking, parking and traffic suck, and healthy food is readily available.


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