Thursday, September 23, 2010

Chesbro's Recycling Bill

Don't you love this latest Chesbro bill that requires all cities to recycle 75% of their garbage? Wonder what the fine will be for non- compliance this time? You'll recall the threat of $10,000 a day(?) fines for non- compliance with the 50% mandate was the supposed reason garbage service was forced on Eureka residents.

And Eureka looks dirtier than ever to me now.

And the silly statement in the Times- Standard article about how recycling saves so much gas and reduces those horrible greenhouse gases. They seem to forget that recyclables, with the exception of glass used by that Fire and Light place in Arcata, are probably shipped just as far, if not further.

Isn't most of our paper sent to China?

I'm sure the lefties love this bill, if only because it will be one more thing more people are forced to do. Naturally, I'm livid over it, despite being a somewhat fanatic recycler.

We need to get rid of Chesbro. Vote Karen Brooks for State Assembly this November.


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