Saturday, November 13, 2010

ME, ME, ME!!!

That's what it looks like the California Senior Legislature is about. This story in the Redwood Times takes a look at some of the legislation they're getting ready to lobby the real state legislature for. Nearly all of it something to do with senior citizens, like special protections, or some such.

I realize all special interest groups do this, but would think the seniors would be a little better about not pushing it. After all, I'd be willing to bet nearly everyone in this Senior Legislature is on MediCare, Social Security and a host of other government programs, never mind any retirement programs from the private sector.

I would hope these folks would realize they're already receiving many benefits younger people aren't and be grateful for those, not asking for more.

But they won't. One thing most seniors have in common is they have plenty of time on their hands. You can bet this group will be using that time to come up with more ideas to benefit themselves.


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