Monday, November 01, 2010

My Letter

I wrote a letter to the Times- Standard some weeks ago in rebuttal to a My Word column they published opposing Prop 23. I've seen at least two other letters in the T-S opposing Prop 23 since then but none supporting it, including mine.

So I'll publish mine here, changed slightly from the original I sent in:

Prop 23 doesn't roll back any of our air quality laws except AB32 and it only suspends that one until the economy recovers.

Prop 23 will save everyone money. Even opponents of Prop 23 admit we'll likely see increases in energy costs of up to 60% as we are forced to buy more of our energy from renewable sources and heavy fines are levied against companies exceeding CO2 limits.

Prop 23 won't stop you or your community from using solar or wind power should you chose to do so. It just won't force you, as AB32 does, to use expensive renewable energy you might not be able to afford.

Here in Eureka we're facing a possible 50% increase in our water and sewage bills. We'll also likely be seeing increased food costs soon as Prop 2 (cage free eggs) is implemented. Along with that and any new taxes coming our way, do you really want to see up to a 60% increase in your electric bill?

I don't, so I'm voting YES on Prop 23.

The Santa Rosa Press- Democrat published a nearly identical version of the letter I sent to the Times- Standard within a couple days of me sending it in, but it only made the online "extra" letters.



At 8:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fred the TS censors letters. If they don't like a candidate or a proposition you rarely get your letter printed.

At 9:53 AM, Anonymous Eric Kirk said...

Not just economic recovery, but 5 percent unemployment in four consecutive quarters. We don't often get that low in the good times.

At 10:06 AM, Blogger Fred Mangels said...

True, but again; Nothing in Prop 23 prohibits anyone from taking advantage of wind and solar power should they chose to do so. I do think it would have been a little more palatable to some voters if the would of used 7% instead of 5.

As an aside, I noticed the house on the corner of Buhne and E streets in Eureka just had a big solar array installed on its roof.


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