Thursday, December 16, 2010

How Much Power To The Fed?

It's no secret I'm appalled at efforts by The Left (or Right) to have government force people to deal with private business, whether it be trash service or health insurance. Naturally, I was quite pleased to see a federal court declare the federal health insurance mandate as unconstitutional, although I'm sure that issue isn't over yet.

Real Clear Politics has a pretty commentary on the health care mandates, but I liked Radley Balko's take on it. He simply asks those in favor of government mandates how much power they think the government should have to force people to do business with private companies. Does The Constitution put any restraints on government?

The comments to Balko's piece are interesting, although I didn't have time to read through anywhere near all of them. And, yes, some lefties seem to think there shouldn't be any limits to what power the federal government should have.


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