Tuesday, January 03, 2012

ACLU's 2012 Presidential Candidate Scorecard

I was pleased to see my favorite, Gary Johnson, come in at the top of the American Civil Liberties Union presidential candidate report on civil liberties (warning: .pdf file). Good ol' Ron Paul comes in second with Obama at third. For some reason the report didn't include the drug war or death penalty, as Radley Balko reports.

Love or hate the ACLU, it's good to see someone besides the libertarians and the Libertarian Party paying attention to civil liberties issues.

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At 9:30 AM, Anonymous "HENCHMAN OF JUSTICE" said...

link did not pop-up.

The republican party ain't lookin so constitutional; then again, no surprise as the duopoly has destroyed this country right along with its supporters. America can only heal once party politics are extinguished from the power and money that is so heavily lobbied. Total annihilation of party politics is my preference. Only the individual vote should count by majority (if constitutionally voted upon). The delegate votes are fraud used to confuse the game of elections while turning the tide away from the popular vote.

America is just one big puzzle - it did not have to be this way either.


At 9:42 AM, Blogger Fred Mangels said...

link did not pop-up.

You mean the link didn't work for you? Works fine for me. Maybe you have a pop- up blocker causing a conflict? Either that or your system has a problem with pdf files? I know years ago I had a computer that had fits when I'd click on pdf links.

At 10:50 AM, Anonymous 06em said...

That's not the ACLU's scorecard. It's the aclulibertywatch.org scorecard. They're just stealing the name to add legitimacy.

At 12:26 PM, Anonymous grackle said...

Well, yes it is the ACLU - try the following link:


At 7:30 PM, Anonymous 06em said...

I was wrong. The link is to an ACLU website. Although, to be completely accurate, there is a difference between the ACLU Foundation (the part that defends court cases - what I think of as the ACLU) and the ACLU (the part that does lobbying in DC and that you're contributing to if you are a card carrying member.) Who knew? Not me, obviously. Sorry, Fred, for jumping to a wrong conclusion based on a web address and calling foul on your post when it was accurate.

At 12:14 AM, Anonymous CliffHutchison said...

Well Henchman of Justice, the ACLU doesn't use "constitutional" as a consideration in their scorecard ratings, in fact they don't have a consistent definition of liberty or rights at all. I would combine these scores with those from the Republican Liberty Caucus or, gasp, the John Birch Society to get a better measure of "constitutional" candidates.

Nevertheless, even with the ACLU's ever-growing-list-of-group-entitlements idea of "liberty", Johnson and Paul still do well on their scorecard.

And by the way, Fred, Obama actually gets 2 "torches" more than Paul, because of the ACLUs assumption that the President can oppose the constitutional 10th Amendment actions of states and also because the ACLU assumes that government taking money from some to give to others is necessary to secure the "rights" of the recipients.


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