Saturday, August 25, 2012

Stop The Ethanol Mandate

The Washington Examiner has a good commentary on the insanity of the ethanol mandate. Corn is in short supply because of the drought, yet over 40% of the nation's corn is being diverted to produce ethanol- a gas additive that even environmentalists are beginning to view as a sham. Food and gas prices are rising as a result.

Obama could suspend the mandate if he wanted to, but he hasn't and likely won't. I doubt Romney would, either. Too much money lining certain interest's pockets. When will this ethanol insanity end?


At 2:34 PM, Anonymous charlie Bean said...

I was talking to an individual yesterday, and they seemed to feel "ethanol" caused mote problems for the engine. I wonder if they were just talking, or if it is true?

At 3:21 PM, Blogger Fred Mangels said...

No, it's not that good for engines. I forget all the things it does but one thing is it absorbs water so they say to keep a full tank of gas in your car so there's less room for water to build up. Something like that, anyway.

It also affect some parts in a bad way. I know my Stihl string trimmer had this gas cap with a weird locking mechanism on it. All of the sudden it got real hard to lock the cap on. Just about then I got a notice in the mail from Stihl saying ethanol could make the caps inoperative and to go get a free replacement if it happened. Which I did.

Ethanol supposedly reduces gas milage, too, so you end up using more gas to get the same distance and thus emit more exhaust. Farming corn, which most ethanol is made of, is also a very fuel and fertilizer intensive business that causes a lot of pollution on its own.

Razur Sharp, down in Old Town Eureka, has a small poster they got from somewhere that has pictures and some other info on how ethanol affects engines.

The main Renner Petroleum office down on Washington Street in Eureka is the only place I know of you can buy ethanol free gas but it's something like 10 cents or more per gallon more expensive than regular gas.


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