Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Panhandling Technique

Speaking of panhandling, anybody else get a look at the young folks panhandling on the corner of Central Avenue and Henderson at the Eureka Mall just after noon today? They certainly have a different approach to it.

Two guys and two girls, maybe in their twenties. They had a sign that said "Traveling, broke and hungry", or something along that line. The girl holding the sign was a hottie, except for the ring in her nose. The others seemed like just college students and were clean cut with decent clothes on.

They sure got some attention. They ran their operation like those high school car washes although the girl didn't jump and wave the sign around as I often see them do. While she stood there smiling with the sign, the others smiled and waved at passersby, giving out a cheer every now and then. Nothing at all like all the depressed, down- and- out bums we usually see.

They must have done fairly well from all the people that stopped and talked with them. I saw one truck pull over, they let out a cheer when someone in the truck tossed some apples out to them. One girl started eating one right then and there.

Some guy jokingly told me they probably lived right around the corner. I told him I'd never seen them before and they certainly seemed hungry the way that girl munched down on that apple.

Great technique for panhandling and I wish them well. Too bad I couldn't have recorded it.


At 9:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 7:51 AM, Anonymous Charlie Bean said...

Pan-handling, the new career of the future!

I have read of individuals in San Francisco making money this way, Pan-handling as a second job.


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