Sunday, December 23, 2012

Legislative Inflation?

Democracy lovers might like this new idea to reform state government. Former Republican presidential candidate, John Cox, is working to get the Neighborhood Legislature Reform Act on the ballot in 2014.

How it works is we'd still have the same number of legislators, but they'd be elected differently. He wants the current senate and assembly districts broken into a bunch of smaller neighborhood districts. Those neighborhood districts, as part of a larger district, would elect each senator and assemblyguy.

There would be something like 12,000 paid neighborhood representatives. Passage of any legislation would need to be approved by the neighborhood reps before it could be passed into legislation by the senate or assembly.

This would supposedly make government more representative of the people and lessen the power of individual elected legislators by diluting their influence- inflating the legislature he calls it, just like inflation of money.

I suppose it's fun to consider but it seems like more California born political masturbation to me. Another idea along the lines of ....if we just elect the right people the right way...and the state will finally be run efficiently. I doubt it.

No matter how you try to mix it up you'd still have the same people running things as we have now- the same people that have run this state into the ground. Democrats would still vote for Democrats and they'd be the majority. Republicans would still vote for Republicans and we'd still have government meddling in more and more places it shouldn't. Probably even more so with so many more people in the mix and empowered politically.

On the bright side, one thing I could see coming from such an arrangement would be, with so many people involved, it could clutter things up enough that government might not get as much done. That would be a good thing, but I wouldn't count on it.

Let's see if this makes it to the ballot.


At 2:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Henchman Of Justice" says,

Unfortunately, the state government cronies are "playing the mental ninja game" of deceit.

Ya see Fred, the retoric to give more power to local authorities is really an Agenda 21 scheme to increase the size of overall government, albeit advertizing it as being good for locals, but there will be financial costs that equate to higher taxations, more fees and charges, etc!

The worst thing too is that local government is worse than the state and the feds. It is "local government" that has "fracked with HOJ and his AMERICAN OPPORTUNITIES more than any other level of government. This is the real deal truth, Fred! - HOJ


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