Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Local Recycling Update: Beverage Packs OK

Beverage 12 and 24 packs are ok for recycling now. I suppose it may not matter to most folks since they've already been dumping them in their  recycling bins, anyway, but beverage packaging- the 12 and 24 pack type boxes that beer and soda come in- used to not be ok for recycling. I was told that some time ago at City Garbage in Eureka.

I was under the impression it was considered "cold pack", which are containers used to store food and beverages under refrigeration. They're made differently than regular paper and cardboard, I was told.

Then I read a comment to a blog a while back that you could recycle beverage containers, but I read lots of stuff on blogs where people say things that aren't true. I decided to look further into it yesterday and noticed the Mckinleyville recycling depot and Willits Solid Waste Services, where Eureka's recycling is shipped now, both made no distinction between cereal or beverage containers. So I e-mailed Willits to ask.

The gal that replied says it's ok to recycle beverage packaging. So much for that. I noticed they also accept milk cartons (rinsed out) so I guess those are ok, too.

Since one long held belief of mine had been shattered, that made me wonder about the other "cold pack" stuff, like frozen food containers. Surely they're still not recyclable? Wrong again. I sent another e-mail to Anita Furia at Willits Solid Waste Services:

My question:  Thanks for your quick reply. Would you know if frozen food containers; the boxes for frozen pizza, lasagna and such are also recyclable?

Her answer:  Yes, those containers are recyclable,; however, the cardboard piece the pizza sits on would not be recyclable if soiled. Also, the container the actual food is placed in needs to have the recycle #1 thru #7 on it and must be clean. The plastic that covers the foods would not be recyclable.

Hmmm...According to her you can throw frozen food containers in the recycling bin. I've never bothered looking at frozen food containers for the numbers as I knew even non- recyclable items have numbers on them. Guess I'll have to look again.


At 3:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ya, McKinleyville is rolling out curbside recycling as we speak. The list of items they accept is nice... plastics number 1 through 7, paperback books, etc.

At 5:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Henchman Of Justice" says,

More cans suck wads though, ya gotta admit. Wonder haw many get knocked-over; and, for fun?

One thing is for sure in Arcata, thieves are going around on schedule stealing recyclables, taking them back to their home to load into a bunch of 45 gal garbage cans to take back and get not that the money of those who put the recyclables into the curbside cans? HOJ thinks so.

One illegal outfit is located at the corner of 12th and "P" streets in Arcata, trailor in the back. Dudes name is Troy, he is an abusive womanizing asshole who lets his dog out at night to roam the city streets unleashed to shit on other peoples landsacape and deserves some jail time!

No problem in outing crooks here! - HOJ

At 8:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It strains the imagination to think McKinleyville's recycling will be stolen from the curb. Recycleables are in huge 95-gallon cans. It would be time-consuming (and noisy) to put the cans on their side to crawl in and sift through for items of value.

At 8:26 AM, Blogger Fred Mangels said...

Anecdotally, at least, I've heard of bums in Eureka going through recycling bins and leaving crap all over the sidewalk when they're through scavenging. I haven't seen the messes, although I have seen guys going through the bins.

One thing I have seen that I find annoying is they often leave the lids open after they're done, so the rain can get in.

That's why they're considering an ordinance in Eureka to make it illegal to go through the recycling bins. The idea, if nothing else, being that recyclables in the bin belong to City Garbage so taking them is theft.

I have mixed feelings about that.

At 9:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Henchman Of Justice" says,

People do amazing things for money with stuff not their own. Isn't the recyclables the property of the people who deposit the recyclable into the can; and, then the outfit that picks-up the recyclable, don't they credit the bill against the garbage bill which is to be sent to the person that deposited the recyclables.

If not, then no wonder people sift and steal for money......makes the "panhandlers" look more sincere. - HOJ

At 10:02 AM, Blogger Fred Mangels said...

... don't they credit the bill against the garbage bill which is to be sent to the person that deposited the recyclables.

If I'm understanding your question correctly, no they don't credit anybody for the recyclables. In Eureka you pay $3.00 a month to have your recyclables picked up, whether you want to, or not. You don't get any credit for the recyclables picked up. In fact, there's no way for them to know how many, or what, recyclables were picked up from where.

City Garbage takes the stuff and sells it to Willits Solid Waste, or so I assume. I have no idea how they would set up any sort of payment for it, though.


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