Monday, December 31, 2012

Oliver Stone: U.S. An Orwellian State

A rather strange interview with film maker Oliver Stone and historian Peter Kuznik about the United States becoming an "Orwellian state". I thought it rather odd that someone like Stone, one of Hollywood's glitterati, would do an interview critical of Obama. After all, I was sure he voted for him.

Or did he? Perhaps Stone is one of Hollywood's rare libertarian types?

Checking Wikipedia, I had to read all the way to the bottom, but was surprised to find this:

"In 2012 Stone endorsed Ron Paul for the Republican nomination for President, but ultimately voted for Barack Obama in the general election."


Oh, more on the Orwellian police state here and here.


At 5:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Henchman of Justice", says

Yep, the "Church hearings" of the seventies. HOJ mentioned these hearings a while back and that we Americans need hearings again like back in the 1970's with all the eaves-dropping concerns, and through the internet no less.

What happens in a "police state" when the state "can't be policed" and order is no longer? Do the "police state supporters" become the "targets" for the anti-police staters?

Just wondering how vindication will play-out. Interesting how society turns to pot when "a few political sides are formed" that buck the system.

Happy Hella New Year Fred; and, HOJ hopes the new bed matress works out.

Let's see if ole man McKinley gets defaced tonight in Arcata. The spite that statue is.



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