Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Poll: Record Number Think Feds Too Powerful

Nick Gillespie reports on a recent Gallup poll that shows a record number of independent voters feel the federal government has too much power. Republicans are a bit better at 81%. Only 38% of Democrats feel that way.

There is a natural partisan divide with both Reps and Dems more critical when the other party is in power. Gillespie points out that often has little to do with reality, as was the case with Democrats more critical during the Bush years:

"...while Democrats were relatively more critical of the government during the Bush years, they were also getting a huge heaping serving of what they wanted - a large and growing government that spent more and more and regulated more and more - so the gulf between Dems and Reps was relatively small."

I'll admit to looking beyond how many feel the feds have too much power. I guess I'm a glass half empty rather than half full type of guy. What's with the 40% of independents and the others that seem to think the federal government isn't powerful enough? Then again, I guess it's good that group seems to be shrinking....for now.


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