Sunday, November 03, 2013

America's Best Pizzas?

You'll want to check out this slide show of the supposed best pizzas of the 50 states. Some really look enticing. Others not so much, at least to me (no accounting for taste!). 

I wanted to pick out the ones that intrigued me the most but there's just too many.  Here are the first three I ran into before I realized there were just too many to list here:

#5 California's Watsonville Apple Pizza struck me as odd, but I don't mind pineapple on pizza so why not apple?

#9 Florida's Everglades Pie is really unique if only because it has frog's legs and alligator meat on it.

#12 Idaho's Potato and Bacon Pizza looks weird but I'd probably enjoy it.

One thing I didn't see was something along the line of a pizza both Frank Jager and I thought was among the best we'd ever had: the Seafood Pizza Shakey's (back when Eureka had one) used to offer. Excellent!


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