Friday, October 09, 2015

Let It Rain

All the talk of El Nino has people hopeful, although earlier reports said it wasn't likely to bring a lot of rain or snow to Northern CA. Then yesterday I got a breaking news from the Sacramento Bee with a headline to the effect that now they believe this El Nino pattern might well dump a fair amount of rain on NorCal. 

I didn't follow the link as I was getting ready to shut down the computer. Besides, if it's that big a deal, surely I'll see it reported elsewhere later on. Nope. Haven't seen anything close to it, aside from the normal talk of El Nino as in today's Times- Standard

The T-S did point out something I keep needing to be reminded of as it's contrary to my memory: We usually don't get much rain until November or later. I keep expecting the rain to start any day now. Thinking back, it seemed to me we'd usually get a week or so of rain in September, then it would stop and we'd go into our so- called indian summer. Later in October or November the rain would set in.

I guess not, at least according to the weather folks. They say we don't usually get substantial rain until November or later. 

I'm waiting to see the first mention of rain in the forecast but never see it, at least not anything substantial. Kind of a bummer, as I'd like to see it rain. Of course, if we do get substantial rain for days at a time, then I'll probably be complaining about it.


At 8:30 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Your were right about the rain pattern,but it is the old one they that now a new pattern is emerging. CNN.

At 10:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Patterns are indeed changing, and they are changing faster as the planet warms.
Latest models form NWS say indeed we have a good chance for significant rain, but because the ocean is warmer chance of snow is not so great. And sadly we really need the snow.


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