Sunday, November 29, 2015

KIEM's 3 Degree Guarantee

Any other KIEM TV News watchers here? I've been watching them for years, but some things have changed. For one, they've always had a 3 degree guarantee contest on their weather segment, providing they had a sponsor. I'm not sure when I noticed the change in the way they do it, but it seemed to me thy used to give away all the money if someone won- that meaning KIEM's predicted high for the next day was more than 3 degrees off.

So, there'd be a prize pool usually of some hundreds of dollars. If they'd miss the temp by 3 degrees or more, whoever's name was picked would get all the prize money. Then they'd drop the prize pool back to where it started and that pool would increase until they missed the forecast by 3 degrees again.

I forget when I noticed it change. Now, if someone wins the money, it seems they start the next day with the total from the day before, or so it seems. i kept wondering about that so sent them an e-mail last night asking how it worked. I received an answer this morning from their weather gal, Jennifer Meyers I've pasted it below;

"I hope I can clear up the 3° question for you.
There are two things a person can win when then play, a prize or the money. Let's say I forecast the high temperature in Eureka to be 55°. If the actual temperature falls between 52 and 58°, then the player of the day wins the prize and an additional $30 is added the prize pot for the next player. However, if the actual temperature is lower than or equal to 51°, or higher than or equal to 59°, then the player of the day wins the prize money. Once the prize money has been won, then the money pool drops back down to $30. I think what may be confusing is that I say the player of the day "wins" whether they get the money or the prize. I hope this helps. If not, please let me know and I'll try to clear it up more."

Jennifer Meyers
Now you know, assuming you were wondering as I was. She's right. I didn't realize it was either the money or a prize. That's what got me confused.


At 10:04 AM, Blogger Julie Timmons said...

I wonder how many local folks actually participate in their contest.

At 10:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder how many local folks actually watch KIEM-TV (or television, for that matter.)

At 11:18 AM, Blogger Fred Mangels said...

I entered at least once, years ago. Didn't win or even come close.

They used to list businesses that had entry forms available.I haven't noticed them doing that for some time.


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