Saturday, February 13, 2016

Auto Transmission Stuff

Over at Eric Peter's Autos, Eric  doesn't seem happy with the demise of manual transmissions in automobiles. Manual transmissions are becoming a thing of the past. Not me.  As far as I'm concerned it can't happen fast enough.

I used to not feel that way because I was told the manual transmission got better gas mileage. I believe that used to be true but, as Eric points out, modern computer driven auto transmissions can actually manage gears more efficiently than manuals. I know that's true with me as I'm regularly fumbling through the manual transmission in my Ford F150.

When we were car shopping earlier last year I even dismissed a small economy car I saw in the newspaper because it had a manual transmission. Had it an automatic I might have made an offer on the car without even going to see it.

One thing about automatics, though, is repair costs, which Eric alludes to. It does seem to cost more to have automatics worked on. I mentioned that to a friend years ago. He replied with, "Yeah, but how often do you have to have your transmission worked on?". Well, I told him, shit happens. You never know and it is something to consider. I'd rather pay a few hundred to have something done as opposed to thousands.

I still stand by that. Fortunately, the car we bought for the wife last year has an automatic transmission, although that was more by accident than design. I don't think I'll every buy a car with a manual transmission from now on, assuming I have the choice. 

Why folks like Eric think manual transmissions are more fun, I have no idea. Which would you prefer, an auto or manual transmission?


At 11:15 AM, Blogger Henchman Of Justice said...

Having driven both, it depends on "types" and quality.

Manual is great IF the shift Gates and syncro gears move freely when under quick response needs. Often, when dumb asses grind the gears, they are inhibiting the trany to quick demise and damage.

Most consumer shit cars have shit manual transmissions. Higher end models have quality racing level tranys. You get what you pay for.

Manual is more fun to stretch the power band for acceleration purposes and to control downshifting into corners using rpm in a taller gear as an aide to slow down ala engine breaking in a sense.

Automatic is best for San Francisco streets and hauling weight like trucks/cars, trailor, etc....

Personally, paddle shifting is the bomb, and when consumers have more access to a manual transmissionesque layout for an automatic stick shifter, then that will drive vehicle car consumers into new sales marketing strategies.

Vroom, vroom

At 4:12 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

I prefer manual tranny. I don't care for automatic


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