Friday, February 12, 2016

Pot Vs. Tobacco

Glad to finally see I'm not alone on pot and tobacco. This letter to the editor in the Times- Standard points out the conflict of marijuana advocates and tobacco prohibitioniists. I've noted for some time how strange it is how many people who support marijuana legalization are the same ones advocating, at the very least, defacto tobacco prohibition.

I got into a back and forth a while back in the comments to a Santa Rosa Press- Democrat article on this issue where I pointed this out. One pot advocate took issue and began telling me pot wasn't anywhere near as harmful as tobacco. It became almost an argument until I explained I had no problem with either pot or tobacco and we should all chooose for ourselves what we eat, drink or smoke. At that point he backed off and the discussion ended.


At 9:11 AM, Blogger Henchman Of Justice said...

Pot is a different plant genus species than tobacco.

Tobacco, after harvest, has added chemicals added to it, especially cigarettes. Today is not as bad, but still.

Agree with you Fred, it is a "so what, who cares". If a legal aged adult decides what to smoke, then so what. Personally, let people do what they do to their own health. They will die quicker, and provided birth rates are reducing, death is a natural culling out the herd tool.

Wanna snort meth, coke, crack, do heroin, etc....then do it, die, and viola, one problem adult solved by his or her own death.

Adults must respect their own life in order to live by desire.

If mega druggies are not dying but still robbing, stealing, other crimes.......arrest them, throw em in jail to sweat out their addiction supervised or keep em in their for good if the addiction is untreatable. HOJ don't believe drugs cause crimes, but does believe people cause crimes consciously, drugs or not.

Pot is not a gateway drug either. That meme is false political rhetoric.


At 1:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The tobacco was exaggerated, for money making schemes. They are attempting the same propaganda with pot & vapor.
The idea that tobacco has 4000 toxins added to it, is ridiculous. How did they arrive at this? By adding together the different components of land, air & water as the tobacco smoke mixes into it, creating more scary chemical names. Also, they take each chemical name that comprises of the rolled paper, filter, and the glue that binds. When brought together, new scary names are listed. When lit, even more new scary ingredient names are tossed in. They never do this for other every day products, only the ones being sought for sin taxing. It is not the toxin that kills you, it's the dose. For instance, a cooking pot is created out of thousands of chemicals. Add water, which has its own list of chemicals. Add salt which also has a list of scientific chemicals scary to the untrained ear. Add the atmospheric chemicals. Way to many to count. Thousands upon thousands of scary scientific chemical names to run away from. But you ain't seen nothing yet bud. Turn on the heat. Watch that chemical makeup change into even more scary chemicals & toxins. You would never cook again if you only knew what you were really creating. But, thankfully, you are still alive. Why? Because it's the DOSE, not the NAME, that does it. Diner chefs can testify.
With all that said, pot also uses PAPER, which has GLUE, which produces TAR, which can be demeaned into SIN TAXES.
Just so you all know, smoke kills bugs & reduces asthma.
Since the smoking bans have cleared the air, we are constantly bombarded with new respiratory viruses & children's asthma epidemics. The smoking cessation product companies are the same ones who sell us their asthma treatments, cold & flu treatments, vaccines & these same companies are the ones who BEGAN & promoted the smoking bans way back when.

At 7:33 AM, Blogger Dennis said...

"Just so you all know, smoke kills bugs & reduces asthma."

You pro smoking loons sound just as wacky as the pot heads

At 8:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dennis, being anti-propaganda does not a pro-smoker make. But thank you for the compliment.


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