Thursday, June 23, 2005

Dikeman Vs. Gallegos

Actually, it's too early to tell but Deputy D.A., Worth Dikeman, will once again be taking on his boss, Paul Gallegos, for the District Attorney seat. Will anyone else throw their hat in the ring?

I didn't vote in the D.A. race back when Gallegos defeated Terry Farmer. Didn't have any strong feelings in that race at the time. I voted No in the Gallegos recall but voted for Dikeman in the event the recall was successful. Not sure what I'll do this next time around. One concern I've developed over the years is when law enforcement backs one candidate over another. I suspect law enforcement will back Dikeman this next time like they did last time.

I've been through the C.R. Police Academy and have a half assed law enforcement type background, of sorts, but I've gotten leery of the cops telling us who we should elect for their prosecutor. This might be one race where I'll actually pay some attention to the candidate debates and decide how to vote, assuming I vote in that race at all, after I hear what the candidates have to say.


At 1:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not just a "concern" of mine when police officers back political candidates. It's downright scary. They are supposed to be impartial in all things. Keep your opinions to yourself if you dare hold such an important public position. Am I supposed to expect fair treatment if an officer pulls my car over and I have a Gallegos sticker on my bumper?

That law enforcement, etc. oppose Gallegos just tells me we need to continue rousting the Old Guard from their powerful perches. In 2004 it was 'Anyone but Bush.' In 2005 it's 'Anyone but the Good Ol' Boys.'


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