Thursday, October 13, 2005

Special Election Looms

The Special Election gets closer and closer. It's pretty obvious as all the papers around the state are filled with commentary and recommendations on the ballot measures. I'm actually getting tired of seeing one after another of all the editorial commentaries, but that's probably cause I've been paying attention to them longer than most. I should have my own 2005 Election Recommendations web page up but, sadly, it's locked up in the hard drive of my defunct Alienware computer that I'm getting ready to ship back to the factory.

Locally, I see the Times- Standard has followed the NC Journal format for a look at the candidates in the race for the three seats on the Mckinleyville Community Services District, featuring all the candidates on one page with their answers to a few questions. Three seats open and six candidates makes for a 50/50 chance of winning. Of course, it's not that simple as I'm sure there might well be favorites and not so favorites with the residents of Mckinleyville.

If I were voting in that race, I know I'd definitely vote for Bill Wennerholm, the one incumbent in the race, if only that I've been led to believe he's a pretty libertarian guy. My second pick would be Dennis Mayo if only from what I've read from him that's been published in the papers. He seems to be the kind of guy that's concerned on local issues and tries to reach out to all sides- my kind of guy- at least from the impression he's given me. He also gets my sympathy for being that kind of guy and having the Left go after him for not holding their hard line.

One I'd have to say would be a definite NO, for me, would be Jeff Dunk. Nothing personal but he seems to have his eye on creating more government services than Mckinleyville currently provides, at least from his answers to the questionnaire.

The others would be a toss up with the exception of maybe Jamie Christopher who doesn't seem to have a real reason for running other than he thinks he'd do a good job. Then again, maybe that's a good thing?

So, maybe I'd just vote for Wennerholm and Mayo and leave the third choice empty. Since I don't live there I guess it doesn't matter to me but, at least now, readers of this blog that live up there know two of the candidates they should vote for.


At 1:47 PM, Blogger the PLAZOID said...

vote, shmote. Let's put our time and energy into making change OURSELVES instead of hoping that the person we vote for actually lives up to their campaign promises.
Even if the person we vote for does something right, it only sets us back by suggesting that the government has some kind of legitimacy. Those voted in will never be able to do what they should: abolish EVERYTHING!!!
We, as a community, or even just as individuals and groups of individuals, can do for ourselves without asking permission, getting registration, licenses, nose-brownings. Fuck this fucked-up system that throws money at the rich while those whose labor made that wealth go hungry with no shelter. HOW MANY WILL DIE THIS WINTER FROM EXPOSURE TO THE ELEMENTS???


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