Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Right Splits Up?

The Times- Standard covered the local Republican's infighting today. As mentioned before, looks like most (at least the ones being quoted) are blaming their new Chair, Lori Metheny, for the problems. I spoke with someone that knows the inside scoop and he felt the same way. Seems Lori came up here and tried to rearrange everything to her way of doing things, ignoring the established way and alienated a bunch of the regulars. Not a good way to do things. But, hey, they elected her and will just have to wait until next election to replace her. Some may blame the Republicans for electing her in the first place but it's been my, albeit limited, experience that a Chairmanship is not something a lot of people really go out of their way to work for. Often whoever is voted into the position is simply the only person willing to accept it.

One of the old timers says they're mulling a way to support the Republican effort through a different venue so, as one person commented earlier on in this blog, we might well have two different Republican orgs here in the county, at least for a short while should that come to pass.

I don't know that that will accomplish much as the Republicans don't really have much to be proud of, as of late. The Bush Administration is not something that would be wise for any less government conservative to tout as what the Republicans represent and should be working for. Our Governor's agenda is certainly salvageable, though.

Local issues? Seems to me they've attached themselves to the developers in the fight over county land use issues. That certainly would be an uphill fight, I think, to get most people around here behind. About all that I can think of that they could work on locally is tax resistance, which the Republicans have done to at least some extent. Opposition to Measure L, the proposed 1% sales tax, being the latest example. Any other issues anyone think should fall under the auspices of the local Republican Central Committee?

Let's hope they do remain some sort of political force in the county. We need something to counter the Left's momentum up here. I'm not saying I oppose the Left on every issue. I just want to see equal forces at play when politics take place around here and not have all the activism taking place on just one side of an issue and the Left seems to be running with the ball now, at least as I see it. We need some entity to run the opposition and it's certainly not going to be the Libertarian Party.


At 12:47 PM, Blogger Nick Bravo said...

I beleive that the majority of the problem is that they are too apologetic in regards to who they are. There is also the problem of varying definitions and meanings of words such as "republican",
"conservative", "capitalism", and a slew of others. Humboldt county (especially arcata) has become a bastion of socialist ideas, yet they are poor and scatter their energies on rhetoric that is saddly very effective.

At 5:38 PM, Anonymous leonidas said...

The republicans will never be a political force in Humboldt county for the simple reason that all smallish college/university communities in Calif. are magnets for marxist social science faculties and their concomitant influence on pliant student skulls full of mush from the government school system.

At 10:30 AM, Anonymous fickle said...

The best we can hope for is for the recently vocal Green Party leaders to continue to distinguish themselves from corrupt Democrat politicians and actually run candidates against them. The Libertarians around here should get their act together and do the same.


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