Tuesday, May 30, 2006


This should be interesting: Looks like the Humboldt Voter's Association is going to do a demonstration of Instant Runoff Voting, aka Ranked Choice Voting, on June 6. This will coincide with election day. They'll be polling on the 4th District Supervisorial race. I'll be interested in seeing the results.

As an aside, our very own mresquan is mentioned in the article, albeit under his alias, Mark Konkler.

I've been fairly supportive of IRV in the past, as I've said here long ago. In fact, IRV was among the first issues discussed after I started this blog. I've somewhat cooled a bit on IRV since then, mostly because I think it might well only give a majority even more power than they already have. This is the complaint many on the Right have had against IRV all along.

Take Humboldt County and the 4th District race, for example: This is a fairly left leaning county, probably very strong left leaning county in some areas like Arcata, Petrolia and Trinidad. Assuming the electorate had the choice, the majority might well choose all left leaning candidates as their first choices.

This would almost ensure a continuous string of lefties in office, with the minority likely being pushed further and further out of the decision making process over time as the majority consolidates more and more power.

Of course, many local races are supposed to be non- partisan, but as we've seen lately, non- partisan races around here are anything but that. Sure, they're not exactly a Republican vs. Democrat issue, but they certainly do seem to be a Left vs. Right issue, as I see it.

I'm leery of anything that gives a group of people,especially a majority, the idea that they have a mandate to do anything they want to everyone else.

But, I'll grudgingly admit it does make some sense to me that we try to get a reasonable consensus on what candidate is acceptable to the greatest number of voters. I suppose that's why I gave IRV a plug in one of my comments on the Sacramento Bee web site the other day, despite my concerns.

It's too bad so many things are at stake that we have to worry so much about who gets elected or how they got there.


At 5:47 PM, Anonymous mresquan said...

If you go to the arcata greens website(greenhumboldt.org,then click to the arcata greens)it states that they only have to get 154 registered greens to catch the #of registered republicans.Yet 3 Arcata city council members are greens,no republicans,one dem(out of 5,000+ registered),and one indy.Bottom line,without IRV,or some form of it,republicans and libertarians will never have a shot at getting on council.Glad to see that they're finally talking about creating a charter up there.

At 8:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So-called "instant runoff voting" is just another trick by the whacko left to sieze power in our county.

Don't fall for it, Fred!

At 6:26 AM, Blogger Fred said...

I don't know about that, 8:10. IRV would likely further tighten the grip of whatever group dominates a given area, seems to me.

Up here, where the Left seems to predominate, they'd likely make further gains. In the more conservative areas of the state and country, I would think conservatives would further consolidate their power.

Not exactly a scenario I'd like to see.

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