Sunday, August 13, 2006

Newspaper Ads

I hardly notice them. Looks like some newspapers are changing the way they display ads, as the Sacramento Bee explains. Apparently, to boost revenues, some papers are putting ads on section fronts and the like, rather than further back in the section.

I guess I could understand readers' annoyance at such practices. Fact is, I'm surprised so many businesses buy newspaper ads. I hardly ever even notice them. A while back I actually took the time to look at all the rest of the stuff cluttering up the pages of our local papers and realized how many ads are there.

I assume most people are like me and pay scant attention to them. Does anyone else actually pay attention to those ads? The only ones I pay any attention to are some of the inserts. Other than that, it would seem to me the other ads in the papers would be a waste of money.

Let's hope people keep buying the ads, though. The papers need to make money somehow.


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