Friday, July 06, 2007


The North Coast Journal (I know. I's The Journal now) had a couple pieces in it that I found of interest this week.

The first was Hank Sims' cover story on the conflict between the proposed Bay Trail vs. the North Coast Railroad Authority. I found the inside look at the NCRA not just interesting but entertaining for some reason.

I've said many times before that starting up rail service up here is a pipe dream, if not a boondoggle. After reading Sims article, I feel the same way.

Not sure what to think of the Bay Trail proposal. I don't believe such a trail would add much to the economy, as proponents suggest. I can't believe all that many people would use it. Still, it would be fun to have. So would the railroad.

Question is, are either worth the money?
The Media Maven, Marcy Burstiner, brought up a good point in discussing coverage of crime around Humboldt. Specifically, she mentioned the Thomas Applegate murder and subsequent trial- the result of Applegate walking into a home in Bridgeville killing someone. She suggests most information reported just came from trial coverage and many aspects of the story went uncovered.

I hadn't realized I'd been thinking the same thing until I read that. I'll admit I didn't read coverage of the Applegate trial word for word, but I scanned most of the stories. What I always wondered was why the guy went into that house, twice, and killed someone he didn't know. Did I miss something?

I must have or it was just a random murder by a nutcase. Anybody read something I didn't about that case?

Burstiner suggests consulting pysychiatrists, sociologists and such. I wondered if the easiest source for that information might have been Applegate himself? He's been convicted. Anyone thought of asking him why he did it?


At 7:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Burstiner is a nut herself and is married to the infamously incompetent plea bargainer - aka Jeff Scwartz. She can only criticize and cannot herself write the type of piece that she says the other papers should because it would expose her husband's feeding at the public trough at the expense of the vulnerable in this county that have been screwed over by the DA and his minions like yougofree/schwartz.


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