Monday, September 10, 2007

Sex Offenders On The Way?

Thanks to those of you that voted for that Jessica's Law Initiative back in '06, Humboldt and other rural counties might be seeing an influx of sex offenders soon. Over 2700, across the state, have been told to move because they live too close to schools or parks.

Rural areas offer more opportunities for housing in such situations since schools are further apart.

If the ranks of sex offenders in Humboldt County do swell due to them having to leave the rural areas, I can't help but wonder if those complaining the loudest about it will be the same ones that voted for Jessica's Law?


At 11:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What do you expect, Fred?
About the only people who actually read the voters' guide before the elections anymore are naturalized citizens. Everybody who was born here takes all our great blessings for granted.

Not only that, but actually knowing what you are voting for is not practiced by the voters any more. It is also not practiced by our Senators and Congressmen when they vote on Budgets and on Giving Away Their Constitutional Powers to the President.

But of course, I don't mean to sound pessimistic or defeatist.


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