Tuesday, July 01, 2008

More Local Taxes Mulled

As would be expected, the Eureka City Council is tossing around ideas for tax increases once again. I mentioned here, earlier on, that I'd probably be opposed to that parcel tax proposal to help fund the fire departments if only because it would be one of many tax increase proposals we'd likely be seeing. I was right.

So once again we're hearing proposals for an increase in the sales tax, or maybe an increase in the transient occupancy tax- that's the one paid by people staying at locals hotels and motels. I'm wondering if we won't hear more proposals as time goes on?

Not sure what to think of any of them and I think I'll oppose the two current proposals, but I have to wonder about the transient occupancy tax. While I haven't noticed fewer people staying at our local hotels, I wonder how tourism is doing for the county this summer?

Last time we went to San Francisco and back, except for the weather, it didn't seem like summer at all. It seemed to me there was a notable absence of recreational vehicles on the road, motorcycles being the one exception. Are a lot of people staying away from Humboldt because of gas prices this year? That might cause problems with revenue to the county across the board.

Anybody else feel likes tourism is down this year?


At 9:33 AM, Anonymous Chris Crawford said...

My gauge is the vacancy sign at the Bayview Motel in Eureka (across from Mr. Fish). It has shown no vacancy almost steadily for the past few weeks.

As to the taxes, swapping a sales tax increase for a repeal of the Utility Users' Tax may not be a bad idea. That way, the people who shop in Eureka but don't live within the city limits will help to pay for police, fire and other city services. Currently, a large part of these costs are borne by Eureka residents and businesses.

At 7:13 AM, Blogger Fred said...

As I've said, I haven't noticed any fewer cars in the parking lots. I do think there seems to be fewer RV type vehicles on the road this summer, but maybe it's just me.

Looks like people have mixed feelings in Clear Lake regarding tourism. The one guy's comments of noticing fewer boats on the lake kind of echoes what I'm saying, I think.


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