Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Another Win?

I doubt it. Fed Ex just dropped a box off at my house. Inside was this Motorola cellphone. Since there was no note with it, I wondered who sent me the cell phone. I've entered sweepstakes for a number of cell phones. At first I thought this might be another win but, oops, the box says U.S. Cellular on it.

Someone mentioned in an earlier thread on cell phones that U.S. Cellular gave him or her a replacement for their old analog phone. I guess this must be my replacement.

Bummer. I appreciate them sending a replacement phone at no charge, but I pretty much had my mind set on switching to Tracphone or Virgin Cellular. I like the way their deals work where you can build up time.

But I'll check back with U.S. Cellular. I believe the sales gal I spoke with down there said something about them having a couple different calling card type offers. If they have anything like Tracphone's deals, I wouldn't mind staying with U.S. Cellular. At least then I could keep my current cell phone number.

If not, then I guess I'll be giving away yet another fairly expensive cell phone.


At 1:43 PM, Blogger Fred said...

Damn. Another bum deal. U.S. Cellular does have a couple prepaid plans, but I don't like the way they work. The first one is $6.00 a month- no minutes included- and then $.15 a minute to use it. That would be cheaper than Tracphone, if you never use it. No carryover of unused minutes like Tracphone and Virgin, though.

I guess here's yet another fairly nice phone I'll be giving away.

At 2:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know if you can buy minutes on the prepaid plans, but I actually buy extra minutes as we use a lot because of using the cell phones for all long distance and toll calls.

If you still have your old analog phone aren't you being charged extra by U.S. Cellular to have analog? I bought a new phone when they sent me a letter saying I would begin being charged if I kept my analog phones.

At 2:33 PM, Blogger Fred said...

On second thought, I think I'll hang on to this for a while to see how it works out. I was planning on staying with U.S. Cellular until October or November, anyway. I can either stay with the plan I'm already using, or switch to their silly pre-paid thing for a while. After a couple months, maybe I'll dump that plan if I don't think it's working out well enough.

Funny thing about this phone is that the nowhere in the instructions does it say anything about activating it.

At 6:25 AM, Blogger Fred said...

"aren't you being charged extra by U.S. Cellular to have analog?".

No, same charges as digital. They informed me that as of November 1 they'd no longer be supporting analog so I had no choice but to switch over.

At 11:32 AM, Blogger Fred said...

It's starting to look like this might not have been given to me by U.S. Cellular. The gal down at their Eureka office told me their system doesn't show my phone as being one of theirs. She was able to activate it under my old plan, though. Pretty sure I'm not going to want to stay on that plan so will probably be with Tracphone by the end of the year.


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