Monday, February 02, 2009

Ilana's Back!

Actually, I guess she never left. Some of you old timers on my blog might remember I'd refer to the classic liberal/ libertarian writer, Ilana Mercer, on occasion. I'd followed her blog for at least a few years, until it disappeared. She apparently fell victim to a domain sniper and, instead of going to her blog, her domain would take you to advertisements. Happens to the best of us.

I had the feeling Ilana would be too proud to pay ransom to get her domain back. I might of been right since after a week or more her blog was still gone. I suppose I could of kept track of her writings as she was a frequent contributor to World Net Daily, but I'd actually removed WND from my bookmarks after they changed their web page format to make it harder for me to sort through their news.

As with so many things, I finally gave up on her.

Then this morning, as I was going through my morning blog read, I saw her mentioned on another blog and followed the link. I was pleased to find she has a new web page. She even started up her old Barely a Blog blog. Actually, neither the page or blog are new. The blog has archives dating back to 2007, but it's newly rediscovered to me.

So, I've bookmarked her web page and signed up for her e- mail list. Hope some of the rest of you do the same. While I may not agree with her on some things, her opinions are very close to mine on many issues.


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