Sunday, January 25, 2009

Education "Cuts"?

Call me skeptical. I can't help but wonder if these supposed "cuts" to local schools the Times- Standard writes about today are actually cuts. I've mentioned here before that, 9 times out of 10, when government agencies talk about their budgets being cut, they're usually talking about their budget not being increased as much as they had wanted.

Eureka City Schools is expecting to "cut" around 1 million dollars from their current 27 million dollar operating budget. I'd like to know what the last fiscal years operating budget was and if that was more or less than this years? I know this last state budget was 3 billion dollars more than the year before- a 3% increase- yet we keep hearing everything is being cut.

I know within the City of Eureka some non- profits actually took some real hits to their budgets last year. They gave out the numbers in some news item on the city budget. I couldn't find any numbers online from just the quick search I did. Anybody out there have the numbers available?

I know the schools are still posting job advertisements for various positions that need filling.

Addendum: Seems to me I do recall some talk earlier on in the budget "crisis" where the schools were being asked to suspend their automatic spending increase formulas, or some such. Not sure what became of that.


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