Monday, March 16, 2009

The End of Family Farms?

I wrote a few days ago how small produce farmers are worried about the formation of a new federal bureaucracy that they'll have to report to. Turns out cattle farmers are facing the same sort of threat according to this commentary at

I'd heard rumblings about this idea earlier on and, as the writer notes, no specific legislation has been introduced...yet. Small farmers mostly oppose the idea since they'd have to put a radio frequency tag on every head of livestock they own. Naturally, large cattle producers, some restaurants and companies that sell the necessary technology support the idea.

Wonder when they'll introduce legislation that all U.S. citizens get microchipped?

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At 1:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fred,this is Big Brother beyond 1984, Everyone who owns 1 chicken or 1 pig,goat,horse,milk cow,parrot,etc will be required to have a premises ID # to even be able to buy feed. C hips will be required. Every time your animal goes off or back on premises will be required to notify the NAIS. Always remember that words have meaning. When you do not have private property but a premises you have lost your constitutional rights. !4 states have ratified this crap but a few are trying to sue. With the whole sale obamalization of our national idenity i fear we are in deep trouble.


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