Saturday, April 04, 2009

Water Woes

From everything I've heard (which isn't much) Humboldt seems to have more than enough water to take care of our needs. The rest of the state isn't so lucky.

The Santa Rosa Press- Democrat says Sonoma and Marin Counties water conservation efforts will likely (emphasis on likely) be voluntary this summer. They think the late rains might have eased their drought situation a bit.

The SRPD also reports on a late season snow storm in the Sierras and that the snowpack is at about 81% of its usual content this time of year, but not enough to replenish the major reservoirs. Still, 81% isn't bad in my book. It could be worse.

A few miles to the north of Sonoma County, the Ukiah Daily Journal reports Mendocino County water officials consider their situation serious. They're worried about their reservoirs running dry.

Meanwhile, the Sacramento Bee has a chat with an Australian water official and goes over some of the things Australia has been doing to deal with its 8 year Millenium Drought.

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