Friday, July 16, 2010

Add Your Name: YES on Prop 19

Interesting, isn't it? Prop 19- the upcoming ballot initiative to legalize, tax and regulate marijuana- has both an authoritarian and a libertarian agreeing on an issue for a change. Those two being Robert Cruickshank, a card carrying authoritarian, and myself being the libertarian.

We're both supporting Prop 19, although I'll have to say I really have to hold my nose to vote for something just so it can be taxed and regulated. This really makes my skin crawl.

Isn't it also interesting that this issue has two authoritarians disagreeing, with Senator Dianne Feinstein (predictably) announcing her opposition to the measure just in time to try and sway the State Democrats into opposing the initiative?

Cruickshank is asking supporters of the measure to sign this online petition to send a message asking the Democratic Executive Committee to endorse the initiative. I added my name. Will you add yours?

Ooops! I just noticed the deadline is today at 10am. You better hurry.



At 1:57 PM, Blogger TimGiangiobbe said...

After Having a Taste of working with someone who Had Questionable ethics in the Cannabis Industry I Look forward to Prop 19 passing.Richard Lee Was one of the Players who "Got It" in Oaksterdam and Went 501C3 and Is Now setting the Standard.He did not Sell Out.Every Other Vice is Taxed so Taxes were Part of the deal.The Anti Tax Citizens will get Used to this when they see the benefits.The Only thing I am Worried about is the Small Grower Being Run Over.There will also be Rogue DAs who will continue to Prosecute.The Sales are left Up To the Local Politicians and The Constituents.This Damn Law may Just work!!The Founding Fathers were Hemp Farmers and Enjoyed Their Smoking Blends.The Injustice of The Proipaganda War will finally be Repealed.How may Lives were Ruined In the Meantime?Just as Alcohol Prohibition the Violence will go away once the Black Market is Eliminated.Do We see Fighting in the Street Over Booze? Hell No! The Biggest Crime was When the Evil Side of The Medical Cannabis and The Black Market caused problems in Humboldt.The Number of generator Grows Tripled.That can be eliminated when the Grid is Extended.The Politics will work out.The Money is needed.Humboldt Trinity and Mendo will Shine.They will do what they do best.The World Is watching Now!Cool!The Stubborn Politicians will Come around.Jerry is Being Bombarded with Emails. GOD BLESS ALL


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