Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lots of Petitions Out There

Here's the Secretary of State's list of all 60 (!) ballot initiatives or referendum cleared for circulation as of yesterday. A number of them seem to be similar, dealing with marijuana, taxes and even abortion.

The two most important are the ones that will return the state to a part- time legislature, which I've mentioned before here, and the elimination of the High Speed Rail Authority. That one will save the state near 100 billion dollars, if not more. Passing those two is imperative.

There's 17 initiatives still waiting to be approved for circulation.


At 8:10 AM, Anonymous HENCHMAN OF JUSTICE said...

often, ballot initiatives hace double meanings because the law makers write like men in love picking pedals off a rose......she does, she does not, she does, she does not.....the word plays used are done to flip-flop the voters understandings.

Personally, I vote no on everything that increases spending. Maybe, one day, I may do opposite for good reason. Until then, societal/governing expansionisms by way of legislation through the vote shall always get a "NO"!



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