Saturday, September 29, 2012

Free Gary Johnson Signs Available

I have four Gary Johnson signs as pictured on the left available to anyone who might want one. I also have one of the campaign's Live Free bumper stickers one hand. First one to reply gets it. I also have a couple of smaller bumper stickers made by the folks that made the sign at left. I can deliver in Eureka.

If you'd like the larger signs that the campaign itself offers (at left), those are available through Gary Johnson's Northern state campaign director, Richard Vanier. E-mail or call him at 925-550-6071 and you should get them within a couple days.

Still not thinking of voting for Gary Johnson? Here's a skeptic's case and a liberal's case for him.

Keep in mind Obama is all but guaranteed to win California and all its electoral votes. There's no time like now to waste your vote on the candidate you really want.


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Gary Johnson is a victim of the state! Free Gary Johnson! Get your signs now!

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