Friday, October 26, 2012

Lawrence O'Donnell Talks Third Parties

Great video by Lawrence O'Donnell. What a breath of fresh air. It runs about eight minutes. He starts off talking about the recent third party presidential debates and the issues they covered that Obama and Romney ignored. Then he gets into third party voting (he's a third party voter) and the "wasted vote".

One of the better commentaries I've seen on mainstream television. I appreciate his plug for the "safe state strategy". That being, there's no reason not to vote third party in states where one candidate is expected to win by large margins. I'll differ a bit with his suggestion voters should feel obligated to vote for either Romney or Obama in battleground states.

I'm assuming that's what he's trying to say. Maybe he's just saying he understands why many would feel compelled to vote for one of the major candidates in states where the race is too close to call?

I prefer David Boaz' way of putting it: "It's better to vote for something you want and not get it, than vote for something you don't want and get it". I could see choosing one major candidate over the other if there were clear differences between them but I don't see that as the case this time. 

If I lived in a battleground state I'd still vote Gary Johnson in this race.


At 8:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Romney and Obama get asked questions and respond to those questions. If you think they're not addressing issues in debates, take issue with the commission organizing the debates, and the corporate tools who officiate at the debates.

At 8:33 AM, Blogger Fred Mangels said...

Fair enough, except the Commission on Presidential Debates is jointly run by the Republican and Democratic parties. Questions and rules for the debate are agreed upon by both parties beforehand, or so I've read.

At 10:11 PM, Anonymous Charlie Bean said...

that's the problem, the commission of presidential debates is jointly ran. I bet if you place non-partisan members on that commission, questions dealing with the everyday individual would be asked.

At 9:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Henchman Of Justice" says,

8:27 am - Hmmmm, you must be blind and deaf to how both duopolist liars and thieves redirect the question by redirecting their answers to something not relateable to the question; AND THEN BULLYING THE MODERATOR!

Both Obama AND Romney are these types of people: If either punched the other in the mouth, the recipient of the punch to the mouth would sue the other for assault and battery, damages and injuries; YET, then the punch thrower would file a countersuit because his fist got hurt while delivering the punch to the mouth.

Many Americans will get what they deserve voting for any duopolists from here on out at ALL LEVELS! LOCAL, STATE, FEDERAL ----> WE ARE ALL SCREWED? WHY? Because less than all of us are too gullible, not open-minded, greedy types in a smaller venue locally, etcetera times infinity...... voting for duoplolist treasonistic types!

For Fred and Mr. Bean ---> It seems no matter who the moderator is, the two elitist duopolist dipchits who lie, cheat and thieve from America would still interrupt the question asker, deflect the question into something not answering the question.......just like MOST local political campaigns less only a few honest types who never bullshit.

Monied interests locally are mainly duopolist supporters whom want the riggings to continue because it helps to maintain the status quo ----> ECONOMIC SECREGATIONS by and through false retoric exclaiming that opportunity exists! NO SUCH THING AS OPPORTUNITY UNTIL GOVERNMENT ALLOWS IT; AND, we all know how long process can take and that processes can be rigged and sabotaged. This is fact and proves that "OPPORTUNITY" is used in a "snow job" fashion to MISLEAD any gullible person BECAUSE MONEY AND GREED BLIND SELFISHLY to the extent that one whom believes they are getting the good end of the stick really have a hollowed-out-shell. ALL PROCESSES CAN BE INTERNALLY SABOTAGED BY PUBLIC EMPLOYEES. IT HAPPENS ALL TOO OFTEN, while most of the general public is obliviously sleeping at the wheel and won't listen or believe soothsayers and truth-tellers. - HOJ


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