Friday, November 09, 2012

Is Expensive California Gas Better?

This article on gas prices in the Times- Standard got me to thinking about something I've asked elsewhere but never got a satisfactory answer to:

Is the more expensive California- only gas really any better than the gas the rest of the country uses?

I'm getting to think not as I've asked the question a number of other places and have yet to receive even a hysterical environmentalist's response. I've yet to hear anybody say, "Well, we may have more expensive gas, but at least our air isn't as bad as Oregon's (or Nevada's, or Mexico's).".

I'm wondering if, after all is said and done, the gas we pay so much more for isn't all that better for the air than the gas sold outside of California?


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At 3:40 PM, Blogger pkd said...

I've heard the claim that given how little recently-built autos pollute, California doesn't need special gas anymore. And even if they do, it's primarily a problem for the L.A. basin.


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