Wednesday, November 07, 2012

War Partier Really Pissed The War Party Won

Eric Dondero is pissed! Publisher of the Libertarian Republican blog, Romney supporter and hard core War Party member, he is not happy with Obama's win (despite Obama being War Party himself). He's quitting his blog and giving up on electoral politics as a result.

I had hope with the title of his last post: Only Course of Action Now is to Fight Back. I've felt for some time civil war is the only way to turn this country around. Not having the guts to bear arms in defense of liberty myself, might Eric be ready to lead the charge?

Sadly, no. Apparently his "fighting back" will consist mainly of insulting Democrats and shunning any friends or family that are Democrats. More of us should probably do the same, although from a libertarian perspective I should be shunning Republicans, too.

Then I wouldn't have anybody to talk to.


At 3:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fred, you are old America. Times change. Your America is history. You cannot fight the future. Progress marches on led by our nation's youth.

At 8:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Henchman Of Justice" says,

Hmmm, which youth will march forward (the pampered versus the unpampered)- the youth used as political tools because they absorb popularity and reality television for personal satisfactions (example: like standing behind the presidential hopefuls at a rally and cheering as if what is heard is accurate; OR, when local fishing mommy dearest says to county elected supes that her child is the next generation of fishermen (as if the child is gonna listen to mommy dearest when career paths start being analyzed during teenage years)?

The youth today have less faith for the future than those in power whom mislead with retoric. In fact, it has been a downward trend for the past few decades (that faith and trust for the future), even though those in power and those connected to that power are lying their arses off in attempts to deflect and mislead as many people as possible about what is ahead for this messed-up country.

The real problem with another Civil War Fred IS NOT that we don't need one (we do, bigtime), but that Americans seem to "back-down" WHEN any good words are mentioned (to shmooze over the issues) that make the American idiot continue to believe the political and economic ruses. Americans HAVE DEVOLVED, not evolved. Americans are being groomed as "back-stabbing idiots, too gullible to understand political reality". This, unfortunately creates a dumbed-down society too stupid to understand when it has been punched in the face repreatedly by the same people who keep replying with non-sincere apologetic retoric. Americans are too enamored with materialisms - materialisms that have become the "Doctor's prescription" for a "perceived better life". It is this personal greed for materialisms that has partly helped to bring down America economically and politically.

It will be one of the greatest days in this nation's history WHEN Americans finally admit they looked into the mirro and saw their enemy!

BTW Fred, Gary Johnson got thy vote for president; undervoted on California selections; voted no on all propositions (thought about undervoting them too) except for the GMO prop. Funny that so many people don't care about what they eat and put into their bodies (by vote), BUT NOT BY VOTE (legislative process or executive order, legislators/elected officials like to decide dictatorily what people can and can't eat or eat in proportions (like Bloomberg in NYC)...... Maybe more people need to get food poisoning and other food born illnesses before they realize they should have wanted to know what they put into their bodies through falsely trusting the food suppliers. - HOJ


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