Saturday, April 27, 2013

Humboldt Featured in Raid of the Day

Radley Balko, now at the Huffington Post, has been doing a feature called Raid Of The Day. It's selected stories from his soon to be released book Rise of the Warrior Cop. Today's raid features some CAMP stories from Humboldt County back in the 80s.

I do remember some of the stories back then of all the outrage by those subjected to the raids. I've never experienced anything like that myself, living in the city. Isn't it a little more mellow now? Didn't they change CAMP to the MET for Marijuana Eradication Team?


At 4:44 PM, Blogger Ernie Branscomb said...

I don't remember many details, but back in the early days of drug eradication there was a man shot dead running from his drug lab on Pratt Mountain.

However, most of the stories that you hear on places like "Rise of the Warrior Cop" are highly fabricated. As you might guess, there was a very organized "War On CAMP" There was a many B.S. stories about camp as there was about the logger that spayed their plants.

At 10:31 AM, Blogger Travis said...

As a child who witnessed camp first hand on several occasions I can testify that a lots of the horror stories were not fabricated I've seen them hanging out of their Huey's on harnests in full camo with fully automatic m16's and their face all painted up like GI Joe invading Vietnam I've also seen peoples water lines and vegetable gardens all hacked up allso peoples dogs being shot they would search peoples homes without search warrants and confiscate things that had nothing to do with marijuana cultivation like my logger uncle who grew no pot they took his chain saws they also confiscated my fathers scuba dive equipment along with any cash and weapons that weren't well hidden also had several neighbors turned in by Van Meter logging company for pot that was being grown on their own property meening the people that were doing the login had to trespass to find the pot in the first place


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