Thursday, June 20, 2013

America's Worst Charities

Here's a list of the 50 worst American charities. The defining criteria being those that spent more than they should have on fundraising.


At 8:12 AM, Anonymous A Guy said...

I know that some of the charities that you see on TV don't have great income-to-help ratios, but at 80% or 70% or even 50%, they can't hold a candle to any of the ones in this list. I wonder why these charities would even bother to work with the shady fundraisers, unless (1) they figure a little bit of something is better than a lot of nothing, or (2) gasp! there's some nefarious connection between the charity and the fundraiser and somebody's lining their own pockets. Now that's something for the IRS to look into....

At 12:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Henchman Of Justice" says,


Nah, the real problem is that the bleeding hearters don't research where their donation/gift/charitable contribution, etc... is going.

These charities higher people and make employment positions.

So, in a poor economy and shit for jobs, create a charity and sub-set of employment opportunities using other people's money and dupe the very bleeding hearters who believe their "giving" is doing the right thing.

How about this, just like Andrew Goff at LOCO stole HOJ's idea on local events - create a hub or link for the donators to give directly to the needy and cut-out all the middle people stealing wealth not intended for their employment manipulations and pay scale miserlings.

Let the Word of the Lord sound triumphantly in one Big Bang, BOOM SHAKALAKA!



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