Monday, November 04, 2013

Taking The Bus?

When the comments on the Short Sea Shipping post digressed into a discussion about local bus services, I got curious. I recalled Greyhound closing their Eureka terminal some years ago. Are they still servicing the area? One commenter said they were, but I can't recall seeing a Greyhound bus around here in years.

I remember reading something about a bus or buses still stopping here, just no terminal where you could buy tickets or wait for the bus, so I went to check the Greyhound web site. My first try came up empty and I couldn't find Eureka listed anywhere. The only places listed were major cities. 

Then I tried again and found this page. Apparently a Greyhound bus comes through Humboldt once a day. Standard fare for a trip to Ukiah is $48.00 with stops in Scotia and Willits. Seems reasonable to me. I have yet to find where you're supposed to get on the bus, though.

When I first moved up here I believe the Greyhound station was somewhere around 4th and E streets in Eureka. Then it moved to the north end of town on 4th or 5th. Now it's just a spot where you stand and get picked up, but they don't say where.

I do remember seeing Amtrak buses driving through Eureka, so I know they're still around, but how do you book a ticket? Looking at their web site, the map shows a number of stops along 101. The closest actual terminal seems to be in the San Francisco area.

I'm unable to find their bus schedule, so far, assuming there is one. All I can find are train routes. I did find mention of their bus routes being an extension of their train routes, but what if I wanted to take one of their buses from Eureka to Ukiah?  

Seems to me one of the Matteoli clan came back to Eureka on Amtrak and was dropped off around 5th and D. I guess I could ask one of them. Either that or call Amtrak's 1-800 number.

Looks like the AmTrak web site needs some work, as does Greyhound's. It is good to know there's at least some bus service available up here.


At 4:59 PM, Anonymous A Guy said...

We've got a daughter in Bostom who from time-to-time flies into the Bay Area and Greyhound's it up here from Oakland. There's only one bus a day, and they drop off passengers in Eureka somewhere downtown, but don't remember exactly where--a gas station or restaurant or something--around 11:00 at night. The bus only goes as far as Arcata, then turns around and heads back the next day.

At 5:58 PM, Blogger Fred Mangels said...

Thanks. Yeah, Connie says, and I think I now remember, the bus picks up and drops off people out in front of Denny's Restaurant over on 5th and wherever(C street?).

We're not sure what bus line does that, though. Maybe both?

Wonder if whatever bus line(s) are doing that made an arrangement with Denny's? Makes sense to have a place nearby for passengers to hang out. The passengers stay out of the weather and Denny's might get a little business from it.

At 12:20 PM, Anonymous democraticJon said...

Amtrack picks up at 6th and C the bench behind Denny's parking lot.

Greyhound picks up at the ETA, RTS bus stop at 4th and Q.

Viva public transportation!
Viva election day!

Note: warning! my blogger verification photo has 666 as the number. I guess you all were right. I had no idea I was demonic.


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