Saturday, November 09, 2013

The Triplicate Does The Freddy

As noted in an earlier comment, The Del Norte Triplicate published a letter by The Freddy the other day. Takes a while to show up online as they don't post items online until the next hard copy issue comes out. Their reasoning being, if you want the current issue, buy the hard copy. Makes sense.

As far as the letter (Up Our Way) goes, I actually hadn't intended it as a letter. That's rather ironic as I'd sent in an actual attempt at a letter a few months ago but they didn't publish it. They did make a correction to the article I wrote about, though.

With this letter, I was reading this editorial which mentioned people from down south referring to themselves as Northern Californians. I found that amusing as it's been discussed here and elsewhere locally. I sent him a short note about a couple of my experiences in that regard. He e-mailed me back asking if he might use it as a letter to the editor to try and generate some discussion.

As an aside, he mentioned the Triplicate is planning on adding comments to their web site sooner or later. Be interesting to see how that works out.


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