Friday, December 20, 2013

Balko's 2014 Civil Liberties Predictions

Radley Balko considers possible civil liberty developments for next year. 

Well, kinda. But he does make one real prediction: It's probably going to get worse.


At 11:41 AM, Anonymous lj said...

Fred - I agree with many of the complaints on the list. Many or most liberals or Democrats would. Why not work together and for coalitions to stop the surveillance state and even more importantly our outrageous amount of spending that we both probably agree has been sold to us as a bill of goods.

I would never wish for another 9/11, but the surveillance state is there in large part as a reaction to 9/11. This is the fundamental argument one would have to balance if you want to cut it back - which like I said, I would be on board. I think we can have effective policies to prevent future 9/11's that include a consistent and strong intelligence community that can continue no matter of the party in power and relies on friends within other cultures - not necessarily spies - maybe in the case of Al-Qaeda, but friends in the society. ie not making this a war of civilizations - something I think we agree on. Policies like that and soft diplomacy would go a long way toward making it easier to argue against a surveillance state - which, again, we largely agree.

Stop complaining, and get to work would be my advise. Vote and get active in a party - even the Lib's if you are convinced they have a shot - that can help form coalitions and change policy.

Or- give up and support secession and a violent revolution which is probably necessary and justified.

At 9:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There just isn't such a thing as a free vote anymore even a local Elections cost candidates tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars State elections cost hundreds of thousands if not millions National elections cost hundreds of millions So unless you have hundreds of millions of dollars in your bank account there's no way you're going to make a difference by simply voting Because all the candidates that get that far Have been bought and paid for by the same corporations that control the White House Except for a very small handful. until we crack down on the influence that corporate lobbyist have over our politicians nothing is going to change to better us only corporations. John I would think that you would even have to agree that corporations now directly influence if not control our government. I mean just look at the 2016 presidential election it looks like the two candidates have already been chosen Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie I'm sure you would agree that neither one are going to be positive for America or would you blindly endorse Hillary clinton because she's a Democrat. I think the government is openly pushing for an armed revolution and then would poses as the savior after the blood and dust settles which historically is what usually happens. although I don't think you can call it a revolution more like a re restoration because we're already being usurped by the corporations..


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