Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Still Trying Obamacare

What a pain! Regulars here will remember I was having problems with the Covered California web site. I tried using Google Chrome and Internet Explorer yesterday but couldn't find a link to log in using those. Tried Chrome again this morning, starting with the Start Here link. Didn't take too long to find a log in link after that.

The first page I was taken to after that was the same as with Firefox. Just as with Firefox, some MediCal message was superimposed over some of the links making the links unusable. I found a different link to shop for plans and ended up at the plan page with none of the problems I had with Firefox, at least at first.

For some reason the list had three $1.00 plans instead of $2.00 ones, plus there was one for $79.00 that I don't believe was there yesterday. I added that one to my "cart". Wasn't planning on buying it right away. I was mostly hoping it would be saved in a better window so I could look at it on a less cluttered up page. Got a "Wait" message that just kept going so gave up on that.

I decided I'd try uploading at least one of the verification documents they wanted- a driver's license or verification of income. I figured the license would be easiest. That worked pretty well. Didn't see the link for income verification so I logged off.

I tried going back to Firefox again. After not being able to load the site the first try, I tried again later and got back to where I was before. The plan I'd hoped to have saved to my "cart" wasn't there, or I wasn't looking in the right place. There were no plans in my "Favorites", either. I thought I added a couple to that first time around just to make things simpler in going back. You'd think when you'd pick a Favorite the site would save them? Isn't that part of what having an account is for? I guess not.

At any rate, this time I found a way to view the plan on the right of the table that was obscured by the frame using those scroll keys on the keyboard. Could have sworn I already tried that. Hadn't missed much in not seeing that one. Just another $2.00 plan.

I found one plan I hadn't seen before for $98.00 a month. A bit more than I'd want to commit myself to each month but the only real intermediate plan available I could find at this point. I clicked on the link to apply for it if only to see where it would take me and got another endless Wait message. I logged off at that point.

I guess I'll keep trying for a day or so and see if any better plans show up. Then I'll have to bite the bullet and try enrolling in one.


At 1:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why not just call the Covered California toll-free number or contact a local insurance agent to enroll you?

At 2:04 PM, Blogger Fred Mangels said...

I might well do that if the web site doesn't end up working out in a few days. Keep in mind I already tried the MediCal application by phone and that didn't work out very well.

At 4:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have used Anderson/Robinson/Starkey Insurance in Arcata and found them very easy to work with.


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