Sunday, March 09, 2014

Tesla Expanding Outside California

The editorial board of the Sacramento Bee seems not too happy that electric auto maker Tesla is opening a new factory elsewhere. Seems all the efforts by California to woo the automaker didn't work. Their new factory will open in Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico guessed it, Texas!

Along that same line, with Occidental Petroleum moving it's headquarters from Los Angeles to Houston, that leaves only one oil major energy company headquartered in California: Chevron.

Hat tip to Richard Rider for the heads up on Occidental moving.


At 11:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have an opposite reaction. Look at the millions of dollars in subsidies given to the company by California taxpayers. Like any other company, our generosity did not engender loyalty to California.

End all business subsidies. Period.

At 9:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

while I do not agree with the subsidies you must understand that without the subsidies the taxes and regulations would make it nearly impossible for any medium size corporation or business to make it in California of course if you're one of the top 10 corporations you pay no taxes and you have immunity against almost all regulations this is what crony capitalism gets you and soon you won't be able to get a job unless its for one of the top 10 corporations or the federal or state government I wish Tesla Motors could get their hands on some of the electromagnetic electricity Patons that Tesla had before the FBI confiscated them but there's just no money in supplying all of the United States with wireless free energy and on a side note until we get off of petroleum based and nuclear based energies electric cars are just a waste of good batteries because in order to charge those batteries you must use a power source that's usually generated from Cole diesel or nucular and you waste so much energy in the exchange from the 120or240 plug to your battery it causes more pollution then it would just burning gas in the first place kinda like ethanol which uses two units of energy to produce one unit of energy we need to develop electromagnetic thermal Electric and solar electric power sources and get as far away from nuclear power as absolutely possible even Cole and oil is better


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