Friday, July 18, 2014

MediCal Screwed Up, Too

There's been a number of news articles and letters to the editor recently dealing with inaccurate lists of health care providers under Obamacare. At least some physicians listed as accepting Anthem/ Blue Cross and other private insurance plans didn't actually accept those plans. We're being told this is some sort of conspiracy by those greedy insurance companies to get people to sign up for their plans.

As I suspected, California Health Report reports that MediCal- expanded under Obamacare- is having the same sort of problems. Their provider lists are messed up, too.
On a related note, I was reading an article the other day castigating Anthem/ Blue Cross for their attempts to rip everyone off by publishing inaccurate provider lists. There was mention of the lists being updated. I went up to the Anthem/ Blue Cross web site to see if theirs had been changed. 

A couple months ago I tried a local search but it came up blank. This time it had a bunch of physicians listed, including some that I believe are from my very own Redwood Family Practice. My doctor, Courtney Ladika M.D., wasn't among them. Hmmm???


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