Sunday, December 07, 2014

Big Storm?

Haven't seen this in a while. Wonder if it will be as intense as they're saying?

"A major storm is still on track to impact Northern California Thursday and Friday of this upcoming week, and has the potential to be the strongest storm we've seen in several years. This graphic summarizes the impacts we may see later this week, along an early look at the rain, wind, and snow forecast with this system."


At 7:46 PM, Anonymous skips said...

Sounds like a doozy if you read the fine print.

5-10" of rain in the mountains!

Wind Gust greater than 60 mph possible!

Flooding and widespread power outages!

Watch out for those falling trees in the saturated soil.

Egads. Better renew Netflix and stock up on popcorn and hunker down for awhile 'til things get calmer. Until the power goes out. Guess that's what books and candlelight are for.


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