Thursday, January 08, 2015

Developments In Legal Pot Sales

I've mentioned here before an opinion piece I read some time ago- so long ago I haven't been able to find it for reference. It was by two Canadian guys who suggested legalizing pot might not be as good a deal as proponents might think. They pointed out government's insatiable desire to get involved which will involve not only taxation but regulation of all kinds.

They mentioned that many of those supporting legalization are the same ones attacking tobacco now and will likely go after pot when the time comes and start fiddling with dosage, supposed health effects and what have you. That time has come.

The Spokesman Review looks at recent proposals for taxation and regulation in Washington State. One, sponsored by a Republican, would ban the sale of smokable products containing THC at medical marijuana stores. 

“Recognizing the health concerns relating to smoking marijuana, the legislature intends to prohibit the sale of products that must be smoked at medical marijuana retail outlets,' says a draft of the measure provided to the Associated Press."

Another, by a Democrat, would ".... eliminate collective gardens, allow home growing of up to six plants, and reduce excise taxes on recreational pot – from a 25 percent tax applied up to three times, to a 25 percent tax applied once – in hopes of making state-sanctioned marijuana more competitive with the black market."

Can't argue with trying to lower the taxes, but the bill also "... would have the state Health Department determine what levels of THC, marijuana’s main psychoactive compound, and what ratio of THC to other compounds would be OK for products sold in medical outlets.".

Those two Canadian writers were prophetic, and this is just the beginning.


At 4:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

true that. I do not like the fact that legalizers have always used the argument of tax revenue to sell legalization. It should be free to all that want to grow it or give away. If someone wants to buy it, they have to pay sales tax just like everything else.

At 12:46 PM, Blogger Arthur Andreas said...

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