Thursday, January 22, 2015

Nextdoor Again?

I thought I'd written about this site before but I can't find the post.

Nextdoor is a place where you get all your neighbors to sign up so you can share information about the neighborhood. I forget how long ago I tried it. You were supposed to outline your neighborhood on a map, then try to contact everyone in that area and have them join. I wasn't sure just what I'd do with something like that but it seemed a worthy idea.

I went ahead and tried to start up a neighborhood group. I figured mine would extend maybe two blocks east and west, and two or three north and south. Nextdoor said that wasn't big enough to get enough members and you have to have a certain number of members for them to accept your neighborhood.

I went ahead and kept expanding it to the point I had areas included I didn't really feel were my neighborhood and they finally accepted. Then I tried getting members. I forget how many members I came up short but never made critical mass. I just let it wither on the vine, then gave up altogether when they kept bugging me about ways to get more people. 

I forgot about it entirely until yesterday when my next door neighbor sent me an e-mail inviting me to join a new group. This one is the "Henderson Center" neighborhood, but it seems to extend well beyond what I consider Henderson Center. There's one post by someone down past Eureka High School. Whatever. I signed up and got the neighbors behind me to sign up. We're still 6 members short to it becoming an accepted group.

I see from the posts already on the group how it could be useful, despite being a larger area than I'd want. One lady, down near the high school tells of being burglarized. Another tells of a lost cat that was found. Julie, the gal behind me commented on what she felt was a suspicious vehicle parked for a while near her house. 

Those are things would be good to get out to the neighbors. I'd like to post a picture of a couple cats that hang around our house to see if anyone knows who they belong to.

Now we'll see if we can get enough members. Six more needed and I just thought of two more prospects. If you live anywhere near Henderson Center, feel free to join. If not, maybe consider starting up a site for your own neighborhood.

Update: After checking out the Nextdoor page further, it seems the Eureka High School area isn't the same neighborhood. You just get info from other neighborhoods should you choose to. By default, you do, but you can choose which ones you want info from. The Henderson Center neighborhood is pretty small. It might be the same one I started. 

There's also a map that shows other neighborhoods such as Westside, Cooper Heights, Hodgson Street and so on. Myrtletown could probably use one.


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